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google music invite giveaway

This is a pretty sim­ple give­away. I have two…just two…Google Music invites to share. If you’re inter­ested in an invite, please leave a com­ment below. I will ran­domly select two peo­ple from all that respond.

The dead­line for this give­away is mid­night (EDT), Fri­day, August 5.

Good luck!

If you are not famil­iar with Google Music, you might want to check out the offi­cial site or read this review to learn more.


some things i read this week

weekly reading list

Here is an abbre­vi­ated list of things that I read, or looked at, this week.

Doing What You Love Can Lead To More Than Just Hap­pi­ness — Gary Vaynerchuk

The Mur­der Of Louis Allen — Steve Croft/60 Minutes

Embrac­ing Oth­er­ness, Embrac­ing MyselfTED Talk by Thandie Newton

What was the most inter­est­ing thing you read, or watched, this week?


some things i read this week

weekly reading list
Here is a sam­ple of things I read, or looked at, this week.

75 Reminders For Tough Times — Marc and Angel
Reader Story: Neg­a­tive Bud­get­ing And A Healthy Out­look On Life — J.D. Roth
Don’t Just See; Observe: What Sher­lock Holmes Can Teach Us About Mind­ful Deci­sions — Maria Kon­nikova
Pro­fes­sion­al­ism Trumps Tal­ent Every Time — David Saxe
Why Gay Mar­riage Is Good For Straight Amer­ica — Andrew Sul­li­van
The Argu­ment For Sex­ual Exclu­siv­ity — Tracy Clark-Flory
If Your Website’s Full Of Ass­holes, It’s Your Fault — Anil Dash

The Last Post You Will Ever Need to Read (A Let­ter to the Soul) — Nina Yau
The Unselfish Gene — Yochai Ben­kler
5 Step To Cut­ting The Cord: A Guide To Can­celling Cable — Janko Roettgers
A Wist­ful Farewell — David Daley & Emily Mus­tich
10 Uncon­ven­tional Book­stores For Your Brows­ing Plea­sure — Emily Tem­ple
Read­ing: Chang­ing Habits (A Three-Part Series In The Boston Globe )

  • Part 1 > Illu­mi­nat­ing Texts — Jane Brox
  • Part 2 > How We Read Now — Amanda Katz

I’m Sick Of Wait­ing 10 Min­utes For A “Mixol­o­gist” To Make My Drink - Jason Kessler
Bill Cun­ning­ham New YorkNew York Times  (Trailer)
What Ever Hap­pened To The New Athe­ism? — Garth Risk Hall­berg
Boost Your Pro­duc­tiv­ity: Crip­ple Your Tech­nol­ogy — Matthew Might
Is It Okay To Friend Your Boss On Face­book (66% Say No) — John Paul Titlow


What was the most inter­est­ing thing you read this week?


I am sucker for info­graph­ics. A friend posted this on Google+, and I was com­pelled to share.

the state of education


As we deal with the bat­tle of the debt ceil­ing and deficit, I hope that the state of edu­ca­tion in the United States will not con­tinue to be over­looked or sac­ri­ficed for what is deemed to be more impor­tant use of fed­eral funds.

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the state of education