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google music invite giveaway

This is a pretty simple giveaway. I have two…just two…Google Music invites to share. If you’re interested in an invite, please leave a comment below. I will randomly select two people from all that respond.

The deadline for this giveaway is midnight (EDT), Friday, August 5.

Good luck!

If you are not familiar with Google Music, you might want to check out the official site or read this review to learn more.


some things i read this week

weekly reading list

Here is an abbreviated list of things that I read, or looked at, this week.

Doing What You Love Can Lead To More Than Just Happiness – Gary Vaynerchuk

The Murder Of Louis Allen – Steve Croft/60 Minutes

Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself – TED Talk by Thandie Newton

What was the most interesting thing you read, or watched, this week?

some things i read this week

weekly reading list
Here is a sample of things I read, or looked at, this week.

75 Reminders For Tough Times – Marc and Angel
Reader Story: Negative Budgeting And A Healthy Outlook On Life – J.D. Roth
Don’t Just See; Observe: What Sherlock Holmes Can Teach Us About Mindful Decisions – Maria Konnikova
Professionalism Trumps Talent Every Time – David Saxe
Why Gay Marriage Is Good For Straight America – Andrew Sullivan
The Argument For Sexual Exclusivity – Tracy Clark-Flory
If Your Website’s Full Of Assholes, It’s Your Fault – Anil Dash

The Last Post You Will Ever Need to Read (A Letter to the Soul) – Nina Yau
The Unselfish Gene – Yochai Benkler
5 Step To Cutting The Cord: A Guide To Cancelling Cable – Janko Roettgers
A Wistful Farewell – David Daley & Emily Mustich
10 Unconventional Bookstores For Your Browsing Pleasure – Emily Temple
Reading: Changing Habits (A Three-Part Series In The Boston Globe )

  • Part 1 > Illuminating Texts – Jane Brox
  • Part 2 > How We Read Now – Amanda Katz

I’m Sick Of Waiting 10 Minutes For A “Mixologist” To Make My Drink – Jason Kessler
Bill Cunningham New YorkNew York Times  (Trailer)
What Ever Happened To The New Atheism? – Garth Risk Hallberg
Boost Your Productivity: Cripple Your Technology – Matthew Might
Is It Okay To Friend Your Boss On Facebook (66% Say No) – John Paul Titlow


What was the most interesting thing you read this week?


I am sucker for infographics. A friend posted this on Google+, and I was compelled to share.

the state of education


As we deal with the battle of the debt ceiling and deficit, I hope that the state of education in the United States will not continue to be overlooked or sacrificed for what is deemed to be more important use of federal funds.

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the state of education