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bookmarks, issue 10



TedTalks — Brené Brown: Listening to Shame

Chet Baker — Blue in Green (Live)

What is the most interesting thing that you read, saw, or watched this week?

4 thoughts on “bookmarks, issue 10

  1. Victoria Pickering says:

    Thanks for the list – I always enjoy it, looking at the ones I haven’t already read, and seeing where our tastes are similar/different.  Glad to see you have Cal Newport on the list – I’ve gotten a lot out of reading him the past couple of years.

      • Victoria Pickering says:

         Matthew – I use Instapaper for everything – it has done a remarkable job of reducing my distractibility, since I push everything off to read later.  Which includes half of the NYTimes each day, plus anything interesting from my RSS feeds (photography, tech, general interest), plus anything that looks interesting from Flipboard, plus much of the curated content from and (if you haven’t used these sources, they are great!) plus if they haven’t shown up in the curated sources, articles from The New Yorker, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Slate, Fast Company, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, NY Review of Books, etc.   Which means I am never bored on the subway!

      • A while back, I linked to some articles that I found on longform, but I need to spend a little more time checking it out. I had not hear of browser*com, but it looks really interesting. Thanks, again.

        I’ve started to use Delicious again to save items for these bookmarks posts. I had been saving everything in my Feedly reader, but Delicious introduced “stacks” which presents all your links much like Instapaper or Paper*li.

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