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bookmarks, issue 10



TedTalks — Brené Brown: Lis­ten­ing to Shame

Chet Baker — Blue in Green (Live)

What is the most inter­est­ing thing that you read, saw, or watched this week?


4 thoughts on “bookmarks, issue 10

  1. Victoria Pickering says:

    Thanks for the list — I always enjoy it, look­ing at the ones I haven’t already read, and see­ing where our tastes are similar/different.  Glad to see you have Cal New­port on the list — I’ve got­ten a lot out of read­ing him the past cou­ple of years.

      • Victoria Pickering says:

         Matthew — I use Instapa­per for every­thing — it has done a remark­able job of reduc­ing my dis­tractibil­ity, since I push every­thing off to read later.  Which includes half of the NYTimes each day, plus any­thing inter­est­ing from my RSS feeds (pho­tog­ra­phy, tech, gen­eral inter­est), plus any­thing that looks inter­est­ing from Flip­board, plus much of the curated con­tent from and (if you haven’t used these sources, they are great!) plus if they haven’t shown up in the curated sources, arti­cles from The New Yorker, New York Mag­a­zine, The Atlantic, Van­ity Fair, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Slate, Fast Com­pany, Forbes, Wall Street Jour­nal, NY Review of Books, etc.   Which means I am never bored on the subway!

      • A while back, I linked to some arti­cles that I found on long­form, but I need to spend a lit­tle more time check­ing it out. I had not hear of browser*com, but it looks really inter­est­ing. Thanks, again.

        I’ve started to use Deli­cious again to save items for these book­marks posts. I had been sav­ing every­thing in my Feedly reader, but Deli­cious intro­duced “stacks” which presents all your links much like Instapa­per or Paper*li.

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