Today is the first annual International Jazz Day. Led by Herbie Hancock, a goodwill ambassador for UNESCO, the celebration is aimed at recognizing of the contributions of jazz to music and culture. Events will take place throughout the world. Hancock spoke about the celebration this morning on CBS This Morning.

You can learn more about Jazz Day here.

Who is your favorite jazz artist? There are so many great artists, it might be really hard to name just one. Miles Davis is probably at the top of my list, but the list is long and continues to grow.

Here are just a few of my jazz favorites.

Nefertiti — Miles Davis


How Deep Is The Ocean? — Bill Evans


Footprints — Wayne Shorter Quartet


Moanin’ — Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers


If you have a favorite jazz piece, please share a YouTube link in the comments. If the song is not available on YouTube, just leave the name of the song or album title and the artist.

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Ken Robinson on Passion — The School of Life (Sunday Sermons)

Celestial Lights — Ole C. Salomonsen

Finding Portland — Uncage the Soul Productions

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I Wish You Love — Nancy Wilson

What was the most interesting thing you read, saw, or watched this week?

It’s hard to believe that today marks our sixth anniversary. A lot has changed in our lives in the last six years, but one thing that remains the same is my love for Carla Patrice Hall. Carla is constant, steadfast, honest and loving. I love her more each day, and look forward to many, many more days to share a laugh and lots of love.

Here are a few songs that come to mind when I think about our relationship.

Anita Baker — Perfect Love Affair

Billy Joel — Just The Way You Are

Will Downing — Satisfy You

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About Flashbaxx (Daniel Stenger)

Funk You, Motherfunker

Set Me Free

Sand Bank

Livingroom Adventures

Changing Tides

You can check out the rest of my Friday music posts by clicking the “now THIS is friday music” tag below, or you can see all of them arranged in my Springpad notebook.
You can check out the rest of my Friday music posts by clicking the “now THIS is friday music” tag below, or you can see all of them arranged in my Springpad notebook.

Google recently released Google Drive, the company’s version of a cloud storage service, similar to Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, and others.

In essence, Google Drive is an extension, or upgrade, of Google Docs. Here’s a short video from Google that explains what Google Drive is all about.

I’ve been using Google Docs for several years as my primary suite of tools for creating documents, spreadsheets, as well as a storage center for documents I receive from others. I also like the collaborative tools built into Google Docs, including the ability to work on projects in a Google+ Hangout. My wife uses Google Apps for her business. After getting acclimated to some of the differences, and shortcomings, of Google Docs, she and her team have been rolling for a couple of years without a hiccup. That is not to say that Google services, like Google Docs–>Drive, are for everyone. You really should consider your needs. If you frequently work with others using Microsoft Word, Google Docs may pose a formatting problem, because you’ll need to convert Word documents to Google Docs in order to edit them. The real issue, there, is the potential for losing the formatting of a document. Google Docs does a decent job of convey formatting, but stellar. The same applies for Excel and PowerPoint files. Fortunately, you can export documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and other formats. I think this is really more of an issue for business users, but personal users could also be affected. For more on this issue, see the article by Tony Bradley.
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Earth Day — The Big Picture (Boston Globe)
click the infographic below to enlarge


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