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bookmarks, issue 22


Given my recent exit from social media, I’ve been read­ing a num­ber of pieces about the sub­ject. If you know of a good piece on exit­ing social media, or exam­in­ing the explo­sion of social media use in our daily lives, please share a link in the comments.


Silent World

One Minute Vaca­tion — Kevin2Kelly

Behind the Scenes at a McDonald’s Photo Shoot — McDonald’s Canada

Drive: The Sur­pris­ing Truth About What Moti­vates Us — Dan Pink / RSA

2012 Stan­ford Uni­ver­sity Com­mence­ment — Cory Booker


Body and Soul — Dex­ter Gordon

What is the most inter­est­ing thing that you read, saw, or watched recently? Please share a link, or links, in the comments.


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