I am trying something a little different this week with bookmarks post. Instead of my normal, and somewhat painstaking (ahem…I mean labor of love), method of copying links, one-by-one, over from Pocket (a great tool) to my blog to create this post, I am letting Springpad do the heavy lifting. I am a huge fan of Springpad, and it has become my default site and app for note-taking, web-clipping, idea collaboration with family and friends, and overall means to “remember” everything. Let me know what you think of this format. Is it more appealing and easier, or do you prefer the “old” way of bulleted articles, and clearly marked sections for articles, videos and the jazz spotlight?



Well…that didn’t go as planned. Ugh! Unless there is a configuration code somewhere that I don’t see, it appears that the display limit for embedded Springpad folders is five rows or 20 items. Ugh. I’ll keep the folder public on Springpad in case you want to go there and see what the whole folder looks like. (click here) Until I can figure a way to display the entire contents of a folder in a single post on my blog, it’s back to the old format.






Jazz Spotlight

What is the most interesting thing that you read, saw, or viewed recently? Please share your links in the comments.

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bookmarks — volume 2, issue 4


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