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40 ways to stay (or get) creative

As a new year quickly approaches, a lot of us are reflecting on 2015, and drawing out plans to do things better or differently in 2016. One thing I think about — a lot — is how to sustain my creativity, or reignite it when it’s gone dormant. I spotted this cool infographic by Layerform, a graphic design blog, that has a lot of simple suggestions for keeping, or kick starting, your creative mojo in 2016. I hope you enjoy and find it useful.




This infographic was made by Anna Vital for Funders & Founders

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Ever since leaving social media last year, I can say that my focus has definitely increased. Nevertheless, I am always looking for ways to stay, or become, more focused. Perhaps some of you suffer from issues of focus, too — particularly due to digital distractions. I ran across this infographic and thought that it was worth sharing. As with most advice, not all of it is practical or something you can, realistically, implement; but it’s worth thinking about how much you can work into your daily routine.

Source: Mind Map Art

Do you have a particular technique, habit, or practice that you employ when you need to really focus? If so, please share. I think that it might be good for me to revisit Leo Babauta’s book Focus. (Click here for a downloadable PDF copy.)

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