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musical debate: greatest album of all time

In my opin­ion, Mar­vin Gaye’s I Want You is the great­est — start-to-finish — album of all time.

Here is a link to Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Great­est Albums of all Time, pub­lished in 2012. There are some really good and well-known albums on the list. I was amazed by the num­ber of albums that I have never lis­tened to all the way through, if at all, but now I’m curi­ous. I think my ear has matured and broad­ened over the years, and I can appre­ci­ate a greater spec­trum of musi­cal genres.Thanks to ser­vices like Spo­tify, Rdio, Apple Music, Google Play Music, etc., I have greater access to these highly-regarded albums. For instance, Spo­tify has a playlist that is built from the 2003 Rolling Stone great­est list.

What say you? What do you believe is the great start-to-finish album of all time?

Before you answer in the com­ment sec­tion below, allow me to clar­ify nam­ing the great­est start-to-finish album of all time means that it had absolutely no clunk­ers. The album has to be one that you would never want to lift the nee­dle or hit skip to get to the next track. This is not about how big one, or more, of the songs were on the album. It’s not about how many times an album went plat­inum. (Michael Jackson’s Thriller for instance.) It’s also not about an album that you feel defines your youth, or some tremen­dous period in your life. If you know that album had skip­pable  tracks, it doesn’t qualify.

So. There it is. Fire away. I look for­ward to read­ing about your choice for the great­est start-to-finish album of all time.



Riley B. King

Sep­tem­ber 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015

The music world lost an icon yes­ter­day. As much as I love music, I must admit that I don’t know much about the blues. It is a genre that I would like to develop an appre­ci­a­tion for and learn more about. Even with­out hav­ing a deep foot­ing in the blues, it’s hard to deny the enor­mous the blues has had on music — not just Amer­i­can music. B.B. King played a huge role in the noto­ri­ety, influ­ence, and global recog­ni­tion of the blues. Rest in peace Mr. King.

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Cécile McLorin Salvant

Cécile McLorin Salvant

Track List
01 — Exactly like you 00:00:00
02 — Moody’s mood for love 00:05:13
03 — I’ve got my love to keep me warm 00:08:38
04 — I got it bad (And that ain’t good) 00:11:56
05 — Social call 00:16:31
06 — Detour ahead 00:19:56
07 — No regrets 00:22:23
08 — Frosty morn­ing blues 00:26:30
09 — Easy to love 00:31:13
10 — I won­der where our love has gone 00:34:40
11 — Any­thing goes 00:39:16
12 — After you’ve gone 00:44:04



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